Blogging – Never too late to learn

September 25, 2008

Do you know that this is my very first attempt setting up a blog?  You can say that I am treading on virgin territory.  Prior to this I know nothing about blogs except that my children cannot do without sharing their deepest darkest secrets with their friends through their blogs hosted by Blogger, Xanga or WordPress and more.

To be frank, this blog would not have existed except for the fact that I have to create one for my assignment.  Why, you may ask?  The answer is simple.  Trying to be a super-mom at home, super-employee at work and model-student at UNISA is physically, emotionally and mentally draining.  It has not been a priority that I bare my soul in cyberspace for anyone lucky (or unlucky) enough to ‘find’ me accidentally!

Having said that, I think blogs serve a purpose in their existence.  As Fran Kelly expressed in an ABC Breakfast article online at ABC Radio National Online blogging is a new form of journalism unfettered by the constraints of the traditional press with the power to influence public opinion. Wow, I can make a difference and express my views on issues close to my heart!  The saying that the pen is mightier than the sword cannot be more true today…There is a purpose now for me to log in regularly to discuss issues on media and communication developments.  I have also learnt how to manoeuver, albeit very slowly and painfully; my way around the blog to put in images, links and categories.  I am getting better now and with practice, I am sure in no time, I will be just as nimble and quick as my girls.

Although my visitor count stands at zero as of now I am not discouraged.  In the space of a few well executed clicks, my world has changed.  I am now ‘connected’ and in touch with issues in the cyberworld.  Not disheartening, not at all.

So join me, it’s easy, it’s fun and most importantly, it’s free.


Image source: Breakfast at ABC Radio National


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