Blog Classifications and Communities

September 4, 2008

The term ‘blog‘ is derived from ‘web log‘ and is usually maintained by an individual making entries in a journal style displayed in reverse chronological order.  Blogs offer commentary and opinions on topics that can range from food to politics.  Most blogs function as personal online reflections and diaries and depending on the blogger’s technical skills, may be basic or highly sophisticated with text, images, videos and links to other media.

Blogs differ not only in the content type content but also in the content delivery.  Briefly I shall list those that I can think of…

  1. Personal blogs – by far the most proliferate, is most often an ongoing diary of an individual’s musings on topics that he/she has a personal interest in
  2. Coroporate blogs – is used either internally to improve communication or externally for marketing by an organisation for business purposes
  3. Media type blogs – these can be vlogs (video), photoblogs, artlogs, sketchblogs, musicblogs etc
  4. Genre blogs – my favourites would be satirical blogs like BrownTown, travelblogs, fashionblogs, foodblogs…the list goes on

Blogosphere is the term to describe the collective community of blogs.

According to Kinkeldei (2007), blog communities aggregate the individual and independent blogs of a number of people with a shared interest.  Bloggers with common interests, business men and women trying to link up with like-minded peers etc can use blog communities to network, socialise and help each other.

Blog communities like Live Journal and MySpace attract the younger audience who are looking for social networking to form connections and bonds in much more focused groups.  The marmaBLOGS targets working women and the issues they face in their everyday lives which may include new business venture opportunities, new gadgets, planning a baby shower and recipe sharing etc.  It clearly offers the perfect opportunity for like-minded women to come together as a group to share common interests on one platform.

As pointed out by Kinkeldei (2007), for blog communities to flourish, key fundamentals must be observed including:

  • a clear direction and topic
  • elect a manager/organiser as the ‘face’ of the blog community
  • trumpet clearly the cause or theme and use Meta tags for search engines to find and link to the blog

Once the fundamentals are in place, blog communities will be able to play a bigger role within the blogosphere, contributing pooled information and knowledge to inspire and reach more people than an individual blogger.  The boundaries are only as far as what is in the mind which in the blogosphere can be NONE!

Have you been encouraged enough to start your own blog community?


Image Source: YouTube


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