Satire at its best

August 20, 2008

Satire at its best!

I tuned in to Channel 5 on and caught an episode of The Noose where the reporters were giving their tongue-in-cheek take on the latest hot topics Singaporeans are most concerned.  In one recent episode, The Noose investigates the financial crisis which has hit Singapore with worried investors queuing up to cash in their insurance policies. This comes in the wake of front page news coverage in print about AIG, the global insurance giant facing total collapse.  Although AIG is not completely out of the woods, it has completed a deal with the FED to get its US$85 Billion injection.

The Noose programme touts itself as bringing news to the people all other local news sources won’t.  It makes blatant fun of government policies like the ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) which is an electronic toll collection system implemented in September 1998 to manage traffic by road pricing in the central business district areas and on expressways with heavy traffic to discourage usage during peak hours.  In the Human ERP system episode on The Noose, people in heavy human traffic areas like Raffles Place will be charged a fee for access to these areas. This outrageously extreme picture painted by the programme attempts to comment on the extreme nature of traffic regulations in Singapore. I, like many Singaporeans I’m sure, had a good laugh!

Singaporeans and residents will appreciate the issues highlighted in The Noose that take obvious digs at government policies.  It is an outlet where we can laugh at ourselves and the government done in satirical good taste.

Many people criticise the local media scene to be largely, suffocated; restrictive, if you will by governmental control. However, The Noose is a breath of fresh air where the media is free to make lighthearted jabs at governmental policies and get away with it. It, perhaps is an indication of the emergence of the new generation of Singaporean media that can bring the local media scene to greater heights!

Image Source The Noose


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